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No-Sew Stuffed Teddy Bear

For youngsters who are not yet nimble with a needle and thread, this teddy bear is an easy, no-sew project! When your child finishes making their bear, they can hold it in their arms as they read about the teddy bear in the story, “The Elves Save the Day.”

Supplies & Tools:


  1. Print the template and cut out the bear.
  2. Place paper bear on felt and trace 2 bear shapes. Cut bear shapes from felt.
  3. Put one felt bear shape on top of the other and staple them together along the edge, except for the head, which should be left open.
  4. Stuff bear with Poly-Fil, then staple the head closed.
  5. Glue the pompoms on the bear’s tummy and the wiggly eyes on its face. Draw the nose and mouth with markers.
  6. Now you have your own stuffed teddy bear! uses cookies.

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