Craft Cottage - Cozy & Cheery Yarn Wreath

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Crafting Time:

1-3 hours




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Cozy & Cheery Yarn Wreath

A wreath covered in yarn stirs up warm feelings of home, plus it is a beautiful and inviting decoration to have on your door. We used a thick, chunky yarn to cover the wreath, which allowed us to wrap the wreath in less time than regular ol’ yarn. To make the appliqués shown here, follow this tutorial. Choose your yarn color and appliqués, and then get to craftin’!

Supplies & Tools:

  • Foam wreath
  • Yarn
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Your favorite appliqués
  • Optional: ribbon


  1. Begin wrapping yarn around the wreath. We used a piece of tape to hold the yarn, but you could also use hot glue.
  2. Continue wrapping yarn around the wreath, pulling yarn taut as you wrap. We found it easiest to wrap the yarn around several times, and then tighten several loops at once (similar to rolling up a roll of wrapping paper).
  3. As you finish wrapping the wreath, wrap the end under the previous loop, pull taut, and then use a little bit of hot glue to secure the end.
  4. To make a hanger, cut a piece of yarn (length depends on how visible you want the hanger to be), and tie ends in a knot. (For demo purposes, we are using a contrasting color yarn.)
    Note: Use fishing line to make an invisible hanger.
  5. Wrap the yarn around wreath as shown below.
  6. Glue appliqués to wreath. Alternatively, use pins so you can reuse the appliqués and the wreath later!
  7. Now that your wreath is done, hang it wherever you like! (It’s best to hang it inside or in a covered area.) uses cookies.

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